Members of the training taskforce

  • Cesar Asuaje (leader) – University of Florida
  • Katie Kaufman – University of Tennessee
  • Marcus Garner – Alabama A&M University.
  • Deborah Cross – Louisiana State University
  • Rosa Vozzo – Mississippi State University
  • Nancy Calix – Kentucky State University
  • Crystal Tyler-Mackey – Virginia Tech University
  • Jan Flora – Iowa State University
  • Janie Carter – Alabama A&M University
  • Juana Macias- Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Cintia Aguilar – North Carolina State University
  • Kathleen Tajeu – Auburn University
  • Ron Cox- Oklahoma State University
  • Cliff Ruth- North Carolina State University
  • Chris Riviera – University of Kentucky
  • Frida Bonaparte – Mississippi State University
  • Carmen Derusha – Purdue University
  • Miguel Saviroff – Pennsylvania State University
  • Andrew Behnke – North Carolina State University

For better understanding on how the training workforce operates you can access their logic model elaborated in Atlanta meeting: Training Logic Model


Conference Call Minutes 04-22-08

Conference Call Minutes 05-27-08

Conference Call Minutes 07-07-08

Conference Call Minutes 04-29-09


PPTs for Intro to Culture group

Understanding the Hispanic Culture (Frida Bonaparte)

Latino Family Engagement (Behnke, Aguilar, Rosman)

Marketing to Latino Audiences (Cintia Aguilar)

Other presentations by Taskforce Members:

Priester Preconference (Andrew Benhke)

Mobilizing Pesticide Information in Open Fields(Cesar Asuaje)


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